Why Did Donald Trump Win the Elections?

Why did Donald Trump win the elections? What are the parallels with Brexit and what can we learn from this?

It would seem that the shockwave created by Brexit in June of this year, made its way west. Just one week after the US presidential elections the similarities between the two events are quite incredible. Mass dis-information, pollster predictions that are completely incorrect and the over mediatisation of minority groups refusing to accept the result. Is the election of Donald Trump to the White house the US Brexit?

This campaign has, by far, been the crassest and vilest of all previous elections. This could not have been otherwise. Suffocated by the politically correct and governed by business interests, it has been a very long time since our American cousins have heared a debate of substance, rather than merely one of style. Putting a Democrat or a Republican in the White House doesn’t seem to make any difference. In the end it will always be the banks and big business (armament, pharmaceutical, food) that will write the script on internal and external politics. US citizens are not fooled and have had enough of being under-represented by career politicians. You only have to watch a TV drama series such as House of Cards to understand the microcosm of the Washington bubble. I have been to the Federal capital numerous times and believe me this is a well oiled machine where everything is recycled, most especially incompetence and personal interest.

For this reason, Hillary Clinton was the very worst candidate the Democratic Party could have chosen (did they really even choose her?). This should serve as lesson to them. Former first lady, former senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is the pure product of what Washington does worst. She maintains close and doubtful relationships, via her foundation, and her biggest donators are Saudi Arabia, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Monsanto. Once elected President she would have been the tip of the spear for a renewed attempt at TTIP.

For this reason, Donald Trump was the best candidate. Going from 12 candidates in the Republican primaries (against just 3 in the Democratic Party), he won the confidence of the party members and the electorate. His discourse began to gain traction in the hearts of his supporters, feeling betrayed by politicians with constructed language. The minorities, having had enough of being put into boxes and considered as just votes to be won, turned their back on the specialists of apportionment and targeted speeches.

Donald’s rustic approach and provocations clashed with the US political cast, obsessed with communication. Let’s ignore the programme as long as the attitude and the tweets are appealing. Lets also ignore the millions of lost industrial jobs as long as the President’s antics are trending on Facebook. Trump in his imperfection is a patriot who believes in the potential of his fellow Americans and believes in his country. What you see is what you get. There are no lies over the merchandise, even if it isn’t always palatable.

If Trump attracted the thunder of public opinion all on his own, through his buffoonery and numerous controversies, the media created and maintained the hysteria.

As I was not necessarily a fan of Trump form the outset (from before he became a candidate), I have been through the incriminating speeches, and 80% of them had been twisted, if not fabricated. The same phenomenon occurred during the Brexit campaign. The Brexiters were, through subtle mind manipulation, associated with the extreme right wing, Nazism, racism, all and any isms, categorizing citizens desiring of democracy into the incarnation of the devil.

These same people were labelled as ‘deplorable’ by Hilary Clinton, exposing her ignorance of the electorate but most importantly her contempt of the working classes.

The media are forgetting something, if a large portion of the electorate are easily manipulated by idea engineering (like young people who are more influenced by what others think), a huge part of the population is naturally rebellious. The more you try to convince them that a person is bad, the more they will support the ‘bad’ by desire to contradict. I know this mind set only too well, as I myself fall into this category! In other words, through solidarity and desire to go against the system, I am convinced that numerous Americans, having had enough of media bias, rebelled in the anonymity of the polling booth. Once again this result stands as a good lesson to the media and their usual arrogance. Will they take responsibility? I doubt it.

The Washington post has published a tribune by the co-founder of the Movement for Muslim Reform and former journalist for the Wall Street Journal, Asra Q. Nomani, entitled “I am a Muslim, a woman and an immigrant and I voted for Donald Trump”. Why not do it sooner? Trump was portrayed as a racist, but never (or rarely) have the millions of Latinos and African Americans that support him, such as the YouTube-ers Diamond and Silk, ever been mentioned. He is widely labelled as a homophobe but in 2005 publicly congratulated Elton John on his wedding day.

Another parallel with Brexit would be the treatment of post-election information. TV Channels give much air time to the handfuls of protestors who can’t seem to digest the victory. If these were anti-Clinton demonstrations, they would have been categorised as fascists and sexists that couldn’t accept the result of a democratic process. Yet again, this attitude from the press is very dangerous and creates an environment of tension and hatred that is unjustified and can only turn to verbal and physical violence.

Instead of protesting in front of Trump Tower, these young people would do better to learn from their defeat and turn their attentions to the system who imposed a candidate that would ultimately put Trump in charge.

To conclude, I cannot help but react to an argument that has been re-hashed endlessly over the course of this campaign, specifically that women would vote for Hilary Clinton. For me, as a woman, this is the most sexist commentary imaginable. Intelligent women think with their heads. The idea of electing a woman who has defended the rapist of a 12 year old girl and who takes millions of dollars from a country where women are flogged for having driven a car, is inconceivable.