who we are

The IDDE is a European think tank whose doctrine is to discover, promote and popularise policy tools as well as all institutional components relating to direct democracy.

Our Institute is political but remains non-partisan.

The foundation’s principle activity is to attract and assemble researchers, writers, theorists, economists, journalists, sociologists and other political actors holding an alternative vision to the current system of representative democracy in Europe.

The institute is not a political party; it does not offer a complete program or profess to hold all the answers to today’s social ills. Its primary role is to give a voice to those who offer solutions, in order to ensure national and European institutions evolve towards a new political concept.

This new concept will be the starting point for a truly representative democracy, regenerated by the involvement of people taking control of their future and ensuring that their voices are heard.

расписание поликлиники 8 The objectives of IDDE

Introduce constituent-based elements of direct democracy into our representative system

Author a citizen engaged political project across Europe

Reveal the actors from within civil society who will embody this project

Move from supranational European institutions to those created through citizen consultation

Unite the bodies from across Europe who are working towards this end

деми ловато цитаты Direct Democracy as we see it

The IDDE promotes direct democracy as a regenerating tool for all democratic systems in Europe. A comprehensive concept offering multiple institutional options.

Nevertheless, the IDDE does not aim to define direct democracy in a dogmatic manner, instead its vision is to keep it open to divergent design, hence our inclusion of research and publications from various studies inherent to this theme.



Subjects covered

In addition to institutional topics, the Institute also gives due importance to political issues within the countries of Europe. These include:

  • economy
  • environment
  • culture
  • international relations
  • current affairs

Beyond mere analysis, the IDDE wishes to develop a prospective activity through its publications, in order to anticipate the adjustments in our society, and in turn create a viable form of direct democracy for the future. By gathering analyses from multiple authors, the Institute has the objective to be a catalyst of knowledge for the benefit of all.