direct democracy as natural evolution москва ханты мансийск самолет расписание

The Institute promotes public mediation between the executive and its citizens. In today’s globalised world, where evolving technology has created a whole new mode of communication, access to information, and interaction, it is becoming increasingly impossible to engender respect for the old ‘political chessboard’ where the play is of endless power struggle.

Similarly, people are becoming increasingly disenfranchised with a political system where almost all of its representatives originate from a party ‘harem’ and share similar backgrounds and common interests, contrasting completely to the patchwork of beliefs and ideas found across the demographics the system represents.

Policy making as a result is mistrusted, as it is not being made by the people or in the interest of the people. The voter is reduced to having merely spectator status.

If it is not possible to serve millions of voters in a parliament, then it is possible to ensure that giving people the legal means to decide their own fate would restore respect in governmental institutions. Through the application of aspects of direct democracy, we can create educated and politically engaged citizens, able to respond to problems in the management of their country and encourage a sense of duty, respect and citizenship.

Where it may be possible to bribe a deputy, it is not possible to corrupt an entire people. The dramatically widening gap or democratic deficit between political elites and their constituents are all too often filled by opportunistic demagogues who make the people believe their will can be only be manifested through them.

We believe at IDDE that citizens should once again become the empowered politicians of old and should regain their rightful voice.