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  1. A) Labour mobility: ability to travel, work anywhere within the currency area, lack of cultural barriers to free movement (culture, language, et cetera) and lack of institutional barriers (transferability of pensions, no-claim discount and so forth).
  2. B) Capital mobility, price and wage flexibility: if capital can move freely and prices and wages change quickly according to circumstances, economic dislocations will be few and short lived.
  3. C) Similar business cycles: the economy moves in cycles, with every cycle requiring a different set of (interest rate) policies. If cycles do not coincide, then one-size-fits-all policies will not generate the intended outcome (i.e. economies will diverge).
  4. D) Homogeneous preferences: all members of the single currency should share the same vision of what constitutes good fiscal policy, monetary policy, social policy, and so forth. With so many steering wheels in one car, everyone should have the same idea about which route to take, in order to make it work.

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