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  1. Withdraw from the suicidal policy of trying to impose Geo-Political solutions in the Middle East, the North and Horn of Africa. Oil, gas and their accompanying pipelines are not worth the complete breakdown of society covering millions of square miles. Countries in these areas are autocracies for a reason, they will never embrace parliamentary democracy. We must learn to live with it. Bombing and killing innocent people there will not prevent the killing of innocent lives here and it will worsen the refugee crisis further.
  1. These terror attacks are increased not decreased by even more military action in far away places. Knee-jerk responses to placate outraged citizens or to demonstrate fake political activity must stop.
  1. Arming untrained paramilitaries to strut up and down in public places achieves nothing as the Nice attack recently showed. Preventing terrorism is about intelligence. The source of the problem is radicalised groups; young men of low self-esteem in ghettoes in a twilight, no hope world, kept at subsistence level through well-intentioned but degrading welfare. The resources need to be concentrated elsewhere.
  1. Many of the senior security officers feel hampered by the bureaucracy they face for weapon searches; this complaint is not restricted to France. This is a direct result of representative democracy; lobby groups have far too much say. Local magistrates must be empowered to facilitate arms searches at a few hours notice. Governments must be prepared to accept political collateral damage in the event of a ghetto protest. There must be an end to ‘no go areas’. Opposition politicians must give 100% support. This facility must be tempered with training to prevent gratuitous alienation; these raids must be firm but fair. Importantly removal of ‘no go areas’ significantly increases military intelligence.
  1. The West must learn to share spheres of influence and power. We must work together for stability and peace. We must re-learn to compromise; something that seems to have been lost post-Cold War. The moving demonstrations of the Russian people, historically closely connected with Nice, show they are not our enemies. We could start with a joint Russo/NATO solution in Syria, currently deliberately destabilised by the west, (an own-goal if ever there was one). Protection of civilians on the ground is a priority. We must start with the Christians whose horrendous persecution we have shamefully ignored. ук рф нарушение правил несения боевого дежурства